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Notice by the General Office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission of Strengthening Financial Services for the Coordinated Resumption of Work and Production in the Industry Chain [Effective]
中国银保监会办公厅关于加强产业链协同复工复产金融服务的通知 [现行有效]

Notice by the General Office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission of Strengthening Financial Services for the Coordinated Resumption of Work and Production in the Industry Chain 


(No. 28 [2020] of the General Office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission) (银保监办发〔2020〕28号)

For the purposes of thoroughly implementing the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council with regard to holistically advancing the prevention and control of the COVID-19 outbreak and economic and social development, further strengthening financial services for the real economy, and promoting the coordinated resumption of work and production in the industry chain, you are hereby notified of relevant matters as follows. 为深入贯彻落实党中央、国务院关于统筹推进新冠肺炎疫情防控和经济社会发展工作的决策部署,进一步加大金融服务实体经济力度,推动产业链协同复工复产,现就有关事宜通知如下。
I. Strengthening financial support for core enterprises in the industry chain   一、加大产业链核心企业金融支持力度
1. Banking institutions shall strengthen financial services for core enterprises in the industry chain, increase working capital loans and other credit support for financing operations, and grant reasonable credit lines. Banking institutions shall support core enterprises, after raising financing by credit, bonds, and other means, in reducing the application of funds of upstream and downstream enterprises in an appropriate manner, so as to help micro, small and medium-sized enterprises upstream and downstream in the industry chain solve problems such as tight liquidity. (一)银行业金融机构要强化产业链核心企业金融服务,加大流动资金贷款等经营周转类信贷支持,给予合理信用额度。支持核心企业通过信贷、债券等方式融资后,以适当方式减少对上下游企业的资金占用,帮助产业链上下游中小微企业解决流动资金紧张等问题。
2. Improving the efficiency of payment in credit proceeds by core enterprises to upstream enterprises. Banking institutions shall improve the efficiency of transacting credit business for core enterprises and directly disburse the loan proceeds that meet the requirements for authorized disbursement to the upstream enterprises of core enterprises. Bank credit proceeds shall be used to promptly pay accounts payable to upstream enterprises or pay advances to upstream enterprises, so as to reduce arrears and application of funds in the industry chain and accelerate upstream enterprises' collection of funds. (二)提高核心企业信贷资金向上游企业的支付效率。银行业金融机构应提高核心企业信贷业务办理效率,将符合受托支付要求的贷款直接支付给核心企业上游企业。以银行信贷资金及时清偿上游企业的应付款项或向上游企业支付预付款,减少产业链账款拖欠或资金占用,加快上游企业资金回笼。
3. Supporting core enterprises in providing deferred payment facilities for downstream enterprises. Banking institutions may, by promptly discounting the commercial drafts received by core enterprises from downstream enterprises, or processing accounts receivable financing and negotiable instruments receivable financing for core enterprises, improve the efficiency of core enterprises' collection of sales revenue, help downstream enterprises receive goods in advance, and reduce pressure on the cash flow of downstream enterprises. (三)支持核心企业为下游企业提供延期付款便利。银行业金融机构可通过及时为核心企业收到的下游企业支付的商业汇票办理贴现,或为核心企业办理应收账款融资、应收票据融资,提高核心企业销售资金回笼效率,帮助下游企业提前获得商品,减轻下游企业现金流压力。
4. Strengthening the credit constraints on core enterprises. The credit responsibility of core enterprises shall be implemented, and financing contracts may specify the responsibility and obligation of core enterprises to promptly pay other enterprises after obtaining credit proceeds. (四)强化核心企业信用约束。落实核心企业的信用责任,在融资合同条款中可明确核心企业在获得信贷资金后及时向企业付款的责任和义务。
II. Optimizing financial services for upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain 北京大学互联网法律中心  二、优化产业链上下游企业金融服务
5. Strengthening credit support for the upstream enterprises of core enterprises. Banking institutions may solve the problem of application of funds under the model of open account for upstream enterprises by means of accounts receivable, negotiable instrument receivable, and other financing; or may provide order financing on the basis of the orders received by upstream enterprises to meet their needs for financing operations. Banking institutions shall apply for pledge and assignment registration when providing accounts receivable financing. (五)加强对核心企业上游企业的信贷支持。银行业金融机构可通过应收账款、应收票据等融资方式,为上游企业解决先货后款模式下的资金占用问题;也可以上游企业所获订单为基础进行订单融资,满足上游企业经营周转需要。银行业金融机构开展应收账款融资时应办理质押、转让登记。
6. Strengthening credit support for the downstream enterprises of core enterprises. Banking institutions may provide credit support for downstream enterprises to obtain and pay for goods by issuing banker's acceptances, domestic letters of credit, prepayment financing, and other means; or may alleviate the financial pressure resulting from inventory by inventory and warehouse receipt pledge financing and other means when downstream enterprises have obtained goods. (六)强化对核心企业下游企业的信贷支持。银行业金融机构可通过开立银行承兑汇票、国内信用证、预付款融资等方式,为下游企业获取货物、支付货款提供信贷支持;也可在下游企业已获取货物的情况下,通过存货与仓单质押融资等方式缓解存货积压形成的资金压力。
7. Optimizing the process of supply chain financing business. Under the premise that a core enterprise assumes the responsibility for payment or provides credit enhancement measures such as security, repurchase, and compensation for shortfalls, when its upstream and downstream enterprises apply for supply chain financing business, the banking institution may appropriately simplify the processes of customer rating and access, among others, and incorporate them into the unified credit management of the core enterprise so as to use the credit line granted to the core enterprise. (七)优化供应链融资业务办理流程。在核心企业承担付款责任或提供担保、回购、差额补足等增信措施的前提下,上下游企业办理供应链融资业务时,银行业金融机构可适度简化客户评级准入等流程,纳入核心企业统一授信管理,使用核心企业授信额度。
8. Increasing financial support for relevant enterprises during the outbreak prevention and control. During the outbreak prevention and control, the proportion of accounts receivable, negotiable instruments receivable, or order financing, in the case of the upstream enterprises of core enterprises, or the proportion of prepayment financing or inventory and warehouse receipt pledge financing, in the case of the downstream enterprises of core enterprises, may be appropriately increased. For enterprises temporarily affected by the outbreak and of good credit standing, the deposit ratio for banker's acceptances and the service fee may be reduced appropriately. (八)加大疫情防控期间对相关企业的金融支持力度。疫情防控期间,对于核心企业上游企业,可适当提高应收账款、应收票据或订单融资比例;对于核心企业下游企业,可适当提高预付款融资或存货与仓单质押融资比例。对暂时受到疫情影响、信用状况良好的企业,可适当降低银行承兑汇票的保证金比例和适度减免手续费。
III. Strengthening financial support for the coordinated development of the global industry chain   三、加强金融支持全球产业链协同发展
9. Banking institutions shall strengthen financial support for "stabilizing foreign trade," increase the supply of foreign trade credits, establish "green channels" to grant credit lines and disburse proceeds to premium foreign trade enterprises, reasonably determine the authorization of branches, and improve efficiency. (九)银行业金融机构要强化金融支持“稳外贸”作用,增加外贸信贷投放,对优质外贸企业授信和支用放款建立“绿色通道”,合理确定分支机构授权,提高效率。
10. Banking institutions shall be encouraged to improve cross-border service networks, cooperate with their overseas counterparts, and jointly provide credit support and financing services for the global industry chain. (十)鼓励银行业金融机构完善跨境服务网络,与境外同业机构合作,共同为全球产业链提供信用支持和融资服务。
11. Effectively implementing policies such as temporarily deferred payment of loan principal and interest by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Insurance institutions shall be encouraged to further expand the coverage of short-term export credit insurance and reduce premiums appropriately under the premise of risk controllability. (十一)落实好中小微企业贷款临时性延期还本付息等政策。鼓励保险机构进一步拓宽短期出口信用保险覆盖面,在风险可控的前提下,适当降低费率。
IV. Improving the technological level of financial services for the industry chain 果然是京城土著  四、提升产业链金融服务科技水平
12. Banking institutions shall be encouraged to develop supply chain business systems to provide enterprises with facilitative and easy supply chain financing services by online and offline integrated means. Banking institutions shall be encouraged, by exchanging transaction data with the relevant systems of government agencies and core enterprises in real time, to establish risk control models and innovate models for supply chain finance. (十二)鼓励银行业金融机构开发供应链业务系统,通过线上线下相结合的方式,为企业提供方便快捷的供应链融资服务。鼓励银行业金融机构通过与政府机构、核心企业相关系统实时交互交易数据,建立交易风控模型,创新供应链金融模式。
13. Under the premise of legal compliance and risk controllability, banking institutions with good conditions may explore innovation in financial services and products for the industry chain and research and develop financial products that serve large core enterprises in e-commerce platforms, logistics and other fields. Banks that operate in main reliance on the Internet may use big data-based risk control technology to strengthen online loan support for micro and small-sized private enterprises in the industry chain, and medium and large-sized banks and policy banks shall be encouraged to strengthen business cooperation with such banks in accordance with the principles of marketization and the rule of law. (十三)在依法合规、风险可控的前提下,有条件的银行业金融机构可探索创新产业链金融服务产品,研究开发服务电商平台、物流等领域大型核心企业的金融产品。主要依靠互联网运营的银行可运用大数据风控技术加强对产业链上民营小微企业线上贷款支持,鼓励大中型银行、政策性银行按照市场化、法治化原则加强与此类银行的业务合作。
V. Improving the evaluation incentives and risk control of banking institutions   五、完善银行业金融机构考核激励和风险控制
14. Improving the evaluation incentives to supply chain financing business. Banking institutions shall, based on their actual circumstances, make differentiated arrangements for granting credit lines related to the coordinated resumption of work and production in the industry chain, improve the incentive mechanism, and appropriately weight credit scale, economic capital evaluation, internal capital transfer prices, and other aspects in favor of the supply chain financing business. Banking institutions shall implement due diligence-based liability exemption arrangements, expedite the disposal of non-performing loans, and write off the loss resulting from the disposal of non-performing loans. (十四)完善供应链融资业务的考核激励。银行业金融机构立足自身实际,对产业链协同复工复产相关授信予以差别化安排,完善激励机制,对供应链融资业务在信贷规模、经济资本考核和内部资金转移价格等方面予以适当倾斜。落实尽职免责安排,加快处置不良贷款,核销不良贷款处置损失。
15. Strengthening the risk control of financial services for the industry chain. Banking institutions shall specify access standards for core enterprises, conscientiously examine core enterprises' financing needs and loan uses, and strengthen the effective supervision of the use of credit proceeds. Banking institutions shall strengthen collateral management and effectively control the risk to inventory pledge financing. Banking institutions shall reasonably determine the overall cooperation quota on supply chain financing, strictly examine the background of supply chain transactions, and require core enterprises to assume the responsibility for buying back accounts receivable or goods when necessary. Banking institutions shall monitor the collection of accounts receivable by exclusive account management, deduction by agreement, authorized disbursement, and other means. (十五)加强产业链金融服务的风险控制。银行业金融机构应明确核心企业准入标准,认真审核核心企业融资需求和贷款用途,加强对信贷资金流向的有效监督。加强押品管理,有效控制存货质押融资风险。合理确定供应链融资整体合作额度,严格审核供应链交易背景,必要时要求核心企业承担账款回购或商品回购责任。通过专户管理、协议扣款或受托支付等手段,监控应收账款回笼。
VI. Increasing support for insurance and guarantee services   六、加大保险和担保服务支持力度
16. Encouraging insurance institutions and policy guarantee institutions to provide credit enhancement services for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises upstream and downstream in the industry chain to obtain financing under the premise of risk controllability. Insurance institutions shall be encouraged, based on the upstream and downstream risk characteristics of core enterprises, to provide various forms of suretyship insurance business such as collateralization and pure credits, further increase the coverage of trade credit insurance, and broaden the methods for credit enhancement for enterprises to raise financing. (十六)鼓励保险机构和政策性担保机构在风险可控的前提下为产业链上下游中小微企业获取融资提供增信服务。鼓励保险机构针对核心企业上下游的风险特征,提供抵质押、纯信用等多种形式的保证保险业务,进一步加大贸易信用保险的承保覆盖面,拓宽企业融资的增信方式。
17. Personal insurance companies may moderately extend the term of policy pledge loans under the premise of risk controllability, increase credit lines, help customers ease short-term funding pressure, and support micro and small-sized enterprises in resume work and production. In response to the obstruction of logistics since the outbreak, insurance institutions may appropriately extend the insurance term for vehicles, ships, and aircrafts for hire that cease to operate during the outbreak. (十七)人身保险公司在风险可控的前提下可适度延长保单质押贷款期限,提升贷款额度,帮助客户缓解短期资金压力,支持小微企业复工复产。针对疫情发生以来物流受阻情况,保险机构可适当顺延疫情期间停运的营运车辆、船舶、飞机的保险期限。
The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission will strengthen supervision and guidance and continue to prompt banking and insurance institutions to strengthen financial services for the coordinated resumption of work and production in the industry chain. 银保监会将加强督促指导,持续推动银行保险机构加强产业链协同复工复产金融服务。
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