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Action Plan for Sino-French Relations [Effective]
中法关系行动计划 [现行有效]

Action Plan for Sino-French Relations 


(Beijing, 6 November 2019) (2019年11月6日,北京)

At the invitation of Xi Jinping, President of the people's Republic of China, Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, paid a state visit to China from November 4 to 6, 2019. 55 years after the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the two heads of state agreed to continue to deepen the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and France on the basis of the joint statements of 9 January 2018 and 25 March 2019, thus opening up a new vision for cooperation between the two countries. To provide new opportunities for exchanges between the two peoples. 应中华人民共和国主席习近平邀请,法兰西共和国总统埃马纽埃尔·马克龙于2019年11月4日至6日对中国进行国事访问。两国建交55年后,两国元首一致同意,在2018年1月9日和2019年3月25日的联合声明基础上继续深化中法全面战略伙伴关系,为两国合作开辟新愿景,为两国人民交流提供新机遇。
In this spirit, China and France have decided to focus on joint action in the following areas: 本着这一精神,中法双方决定重点在以下领域采取共同行动:
I. strengthening political dialogue and promoting mutual trust   一、加强政治对话,促进相互信任
1. The heads of state of the two countries will continue the annual meeting mechanism. 1. 两国元首将延续年度会晤机制。
2. China and France are committed to continuing to play the role of strategic dialogue, high-level economic and financial dialogue and high-level people-to-people exchange mechanism. The two sides are willing to strengthen high-level military exchanges, maintain consultation and dialogue mechanisms, and share experiences in peacekeeping operations and other fields. 2. 中法两国承诺继续发挥战略对话、高级别经济财金对话和高级别人文交流机制的作用。双方愿加强高级别军事交流,保持磋商和对话机制,在维和行动等领域开展经验分享。
3. The two heads of state encouraged high-level exchanges on all issues of common concern in order to promote the development of bilateral cooperation. 3. 两国元首鼓励就所有共同关心的议题开展高级别交流,以促进双边合作发展。
4. China and France will continue to engage in dialogue on supporting multilateralism and safeguarding the international system based on international law with the United Nations as the core. 4. 中法两国将继续就支持多边主义和维护以联合国为核心、以国际法为基础的国际体系开展对话。
II. Protecting the Earth   二、保护地球
5. On the basis of the experience gained at the Paris Conference on Climate change and in preparing for the United Nations Climate Action Summit on 23 September 2019, China and France are determined to continue their cooperation in combating climate warming and protecting biodiversity. In particular, it aims to cooperate with the 15th Conference of the parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity to be held in Kunming in 2020. To that end, the two heads of State adopted the China-France Beijing Initiative on Biodiversity Conservation and Climate change and welcomed the launch of a common dialogue on a post-2020 global biodiversity framework. 5. 在气候变化巴黎大会和筹备2019年9月23日联合国气候行动峰会所取得的经验基础上,中法两国决心继续在应对气候变暖和保护生物多样性方面开展合作,特别是着眼于2020年将在昆明召开的《联合国生物多样性公约》第15次缔约方大会开展合作。为此,两国元首通过了《中法生物多样性保护和气候变化北京倡议》,并对启动关于2020年后全球生物多样性框架的共同对话表示欢迎。
6. China and France encourage the actions of their development agencies to be consistent with the objectives of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change
and its Paris Agreement and the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity. The two countries support the promotion and development of green and sustainable finance.
 6. 中法两国鼓励其开发机构的行动与《联合国气候变化框架公约》及其《巴黎协定》和《联合国生物多样性公约》目标保持一致。两国支持对绿色和可持续金融的推动和发展。
7. China and France hope to develop partnerships in the areas of energy transformation and carbon-free technologies. The two sides will continue to carry out cooperation in sustainable urbanization and promote the Sino-French Wuhan Ecological demonstration City project and the Sino-French Chengdu Ecological Park project. 7. 中法两国希望发展在能源转型和无碳技术领域的伙伴关系。双方将继续开展可持续城市化方面的合作,推进中法武汉生态示范城项目和中法成都生态园项目。
8. The two countries expressed their willingness to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in industrial risk management and disaster prevention and mitigation within bilateral frameworks and multilateral institutions. 8. 两国表示愿在双边框架和多边机构内加强在工业风险管理和防灾减灾方面的交流与合作。
III. Promoting connectivity   三、促进互联互通
9. China and France reaffirm their support for promoting sustainable connectivity between Asia and Europe. The two countries support the work done by China and the European Union to promote the docking of China's "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative with the EU's Eurasian connectivity strategy and other connectivity initiatives. The two sides are committed to complying with existing international norms, standards and laws of project beneficiary countries in infrastructure financing, taking into account the policies and country situations of beneficiary countries, and ensuring the sustainability of development financing. The two countries welcomed the G20 guidelines on Sustainable financing and called for follow-up. 9. 中法两国重申支持促进亚欧可持续性互联互通。两国支持中国和欧盟为促进中国“一带一路”倡议同欧盟欧亚互联互通战略等互联互通倡议对接所做工作。双方承诺在基础设施融资方面遵循现有国际准则、标准和项目受益国的法律,同时要考虑受益国的政策和国别情况,确保发展融资的可持续性。两国欢迎G20可持续融资操作指南并呼吁跟进。
10. China and France will continue to select projects that can be shared in third-party markets, particularly in Asia and Africa, on the basis of the list of demonstration projects. In accordance with the joint intergovernmental statement of 30 June 2015, the two countries welcomed exchanges between economic participants to identify and implement specific projects for the benefit of all parties and compliance with generally accepted international rules and standards on the basis of respect for the wishes of the countries concerned. 10. 中法两国将以示范项目清单为基础,继续选定双方在第三方市场可共同承担的项目,特别是在亚洲和非洲。依照2015年6月30日政府间联合声明,两国欢迎经济参与者之间进行交流,在尊重当事国意愿基础上,确定并实现造福各方、遵守普遍接受的国际规则标准的具体项目。
IV. Promoting bilateral trade and two-way investment   四、感觉黑人都特别团结推进双边贸易和双向投资
11. The two countries advocate improving global economic governance, promoting economic globalization towards a more open, transparent, inclusive and non-discriminatory system, and safeguarding a rules-based multilateral trading system with the World Trade Organization as the core. The two countries believe that all members of the World Trade Organization should abide by their commitments and obligations in the WTO in order to maintain the firmness and credibility of the multilateral system. 11. 两国倡导完善全球经济治理,推动经济全球化朝着更加开放、透明、包容、非歧视的体系发展,维护以规则为基础、以世界贸易组织为核心的多边贸易体制。两国认为世界贸易组织所有成员均应遵守其在世贸组织中的承诺和义务,以维护多边体系的牢固性和可信度。
The two countries are willing to continue to work together to build an open world economy, oppose all forms of protectionism, and strive to ensure a level playing field. The two countries support the necessary reforms of the WTO to enhance its effectiveness and authority and to better meet current and future challenges. The two countries called for progress in discussions on proposals to enhance the three basic functions of WTO dispute settlement, monitoring and negotiation, which have been submitted to WTO members. The two countries support the work of the China-EU working Group on WTO Reform in order to promote progress on the issue of WTO reform, which is highly anticipated by both sides. 两国愿继续共同努力,构建开放型世界经济,反对各种形式的保护主义,努力确保公平竞争环境。两国支持世贸组织进行必要改革,以增强其有效性和权威性,更好地应对当前和未来的挑战。两国呼吁围绕已提交世贸组织成员的有关增强世贸组织争端解决、监督和谈判三大基本职能的建议的讨论取得进展。两国支持中欧世贸组织改革工作组的工作,以推动在双方均抱有很高期待的世贸组织改革这一问题上取得进展。
12. China and France hope that bilateral economic exchanges will be rebalanced in the course of growth. The Chinese side invited France to participate in Shanghai and China International Import Expo, indicating that China welcomes French enterprises to expand their exports to the Chinese market. The two sides undertake to provide fair competition and non-discriminatory treatment to each other's enterprises. The two sides encourage two-way opening up of the financial markets of the two countries and support their respective qualified financial institutions to exhibit their businesses in each other's countries. The two sides agreed to strengthen all-round cooperation in agriculture, which is conducive to expanding the export of French agricultural products to China. 12. 中法两国希望双边经济往来在增长中实现再平衡。中方邀请法方参加上海中国国际进口博览会,表明中方欢迎法国企业扩大对中国市场的出口。双方承诺为对方企业提供公平竞争和非歧视待遇。双方鼓励两国金融市场双向开放,支持各自符合条件的金融机构到对方国家展业。双方同意加强农业全方位合作,该合作有利于扩大法国农产品对华出口。
13. The two heads of state welcomed several important agreements signed during the visit, which contributed to the achievement of the above-mentioned objectives in a wide range of areas, including certification, aviation, industry, finance and agro-food. China and France will carry out technical exchanges to reach an agreement on the regionalization of classical swine fever in Africa. The two heads of State agreed that a road map should be developed as a priority for the achievement of the above-mentioned goals and that it would facilitate the achievement of concrete results by 2020 on the basis of the principle of reciprocity. The two heads of state welcomed the signing of 24 contracts between enterprises of the two countries. 13. 两国元首对此访期间签署的几项重要协定表示欢迎,这有助于在广泛领域实现上述目标,包括认证、航空、工业、金融和农业食品等。中法两国将开展技术交流,以就非洲猪瘟区域化管理达成一项协议。两国元首一致认为,应为实现上述目标优先制定一份路线图,并将推动该路线图在对等原则基础上于2020年达成具体成果。两国元首对两国企业签署24份合同表示欢迎。
14. In line with the commitment of the China-EU leaders' meeting on 9 April 2019, China and France welcome the conclusion of the negotiations on the China-EU Agreement on Cooperation and Protection of Geographical indications. The two sides will make every effort to make decisive progress in the short term in order to reach a China-EU investment agreement by 2020 that is in line with the level of ambition embodied in the joint statement of the China-EU leaders' meeting in April 2019. 14. 秉承2019年4月9日中欧领导人会晤承诺,中法两国对完成中欧地理标志合作与保护协定谈判这一重大成果表示欢迎。双方将尽一切努力在短期内取得决定性进展,以便在2020年达成一份符合2019年4月中欧领导人会晤联合声明体现的雄心水平的中欧投资协定。
15. The two sides welcomed the signing of the Protocol on Cooperation in Geographical indications between China and France and will continue their work on 86 geographical indications in France and the registration of geographical indications in China. 15. 双方对中法地理标志合作议定书的签署表示欢迎,将就86项法国地理标志和中国地理标志注册继续开展工作。
V. promoting cooperation in traditional and emerging fields   五、促进传统和新兴领域合作
16. China and France reaffirm the importance of developing a strategic partnership in the aviation sector on the basis of maintaining an overall balance. The two sides supported Airbus in increasing its industrial investment in China and China Airlines in continuing to purchase Airbus aircraft under the proposed conditions. The two sides will push the A350 to complete and deliver the center project. The two sides welcomed the ongoing discussions aimed at strengthening Airbus's industrial and commercial presence in China. The two countries hope to promote cooperation in the field of helicopters, especially in engine and pilot training. The two sides expressed their pleasure at the willingness of the European Aviation Safety Agency and the Civil Aviation Administration of China to strengthen cooperation to complete the airworthiness recognition of ATR42-600 and H175 helicopters. The two sides will deepen cooperation in the field of air traffic management. 16. 中法两国重申在保持总体平衡基础上,在航空领域发展战略伙伴关系的重要性。双方在各方拟定的条件下支持空客公司加大在中国的工业投入,支持中国航空公司继续采购空客飞机。双方将推进A350完成和交付中心项目。双方对正在进行的、旨在加强空客在中国的工业和商业存在的讨论表示欢迎。两国希望促进在直升机领域,尤其是在发动机和飞行员培训方面的合作。双方对欧洲航空安全局和中国民航局加强合作,以完成ATR42-600和H175直升机适航认可的意愿表示高兴。双方将深化在航空交通管理领域的合作。
17. China and France are willing to continue to strengthen cooperation at the institutional and industrial levels in the space field, especially to facilitate the relevant work of the Sino-French astronomical satellites jointly developed by the two countries and scheduled to be launched in 2021, and to cooperate around high-throughput communications satellites. The two sides will carry out new cooperation in the fields of space exploration, astrophysics and climate change monitoring in accordance with the letter of intent signed on 25 March 2019 between the Chinese National Space Administration and the French National Center for Space Research. 17. 中法两国愿继续加强空间领域机构和工业层面的合作,尤其是为两国联合开发并拟于2021年发射的中法天文卫星的相关工作提供便利,围绕高通量通讯卫星开展合作。双方将按照中国国家航天局与法国国家空间研究中心于2019年3月25日签署的意向书,开展空间探索、天体物理学和气候变化监测领域的新合作。
18. The cooperation between China and France in the field of civil nuclear energy over the past 35 years is a bright spot in bilateral relations. The two heads of state welcomed the signing of the Memorandum of understanding on promoting Cooperation in the Construction of Post-processing / Recycling plants in China, hoped that the enterprises of the two sides would conclude the negotiations at an early date, and reiterated their willingness to reach an intergovernmental agreement on the project at the same time. The two heads of state congratulated Taishan on the smooth operation of the two EPR units and on becoming the first two EPR units in the world to be put into commercial operation. In view of this successful experience, the two Heads of State encouraged CGN and EDF to engage in a new dialogue to continue their cooperation in China and third-party markets on the basis of balance, transparency and mutual benefit. China and France have pledged to actively promote nuclear power cooperation in the United Kingdom. In particular, the construction of the two EPR units at Hinkley Point C, the general design review (GDA) for Hualong I by the British nuclear safety authorities, and the preliminary preparations for the Seville C project and the Bradwell B project. 18. 中法两国在民用核能领域35年以来的合作是两国关系一大亮点。两国元首对《关于推进在中国建造后处理/再循环厂合作的谅解备忘录》的签署表示欢迎,希望双方企业早日完成谈判,并重申愿同步达成该项目政府间协议。两国元首对台山两台EPR机组顺利运营并成为全球首两台投入商运的EPR机组表示祝贺。鉴于这一成功经验,两国元首鼓励中国广核集团和法国电力集团开展新的对话,以在平衡、透明和互利基础上继续其在中国和第三方市场的合作。中法两国承诺积极推动在英国的核电合作,特别是欣克利角C两台EPR机组的建设、英国核安全当局对华龙一号的通用设计评审(GDA)以及塞斯维尔C项目、布拉德韦尔B项目的前期准备。
19. The two heads of state encouraged the competent departments to make suggestions and suggestions on deepening Sino-French modern scientific and technological cooperation in order to promote industrial cooperation in new fields. The two sides expressed their appreciation for the exchanges and cooperation between China's advanced manufacturing clusters, high-tech zones and French competitiveness clusters. 19. 两国元首鼓励主管部门就深化中法现代科技合作建言献策,以推动新领域工业合作。双方对中国先进制造业集群、高新区和法国竞争力集群的交流合作表示赞赏。
20. China and France are committed to continuing to promote bilateral scientific and technological cooperation, especially those related to the priority areas identified at the meeting of the Sino-French Joint Committee on Scientific and technological Cooperation on 25 February 2019, as well as cooperation on combating climate change and protecting biodiversity. 20. 中法两国承诺继续推动双方科技合作,特别是与2019年2月25日中法科技合作联委会会议确定的优先领域相关的合作,以及有关应对气候变化和保护生物多样性的合作。
VI. Promoting cultural creation and people-to-people exchanges   六、促进文化创造和人文交流
21. China and France reaffirm their focus on the development of cultural cooperation. The two sides welcomed the establishment of a long-term partnership between the West Bank Art Museum of Shanghai and the Pompidou Art Center. Support was given to the co-organization of the "China and Versailles" exhibition at the Palace Museum and the "Silk Road" exhibition jointly organized by the National Museum of China and the Centre for the study of the Arab World in Paris. The two sides pledged to facilitate exhibition cooperation or exchange between museums of the two countries. 21. 中法两国重申重点发展文化合作。双方对上海西岸美术馆和蓬皮杜艺术中心建立长期伙伴关系表示欢迎,支持在故宫博物院共同举办“中国与凡尔赛宫”展览以及中国国家博物馆与阿拉伯世界研究中心在巴黎共同举办“丝绸之路”展览。双方承诺为两国博物馆进行展览合作或互换提供便利。
22. The two sides are committed to strengthening cooperation in the fields of protection, restoration and development of cultural heritage. The two sides will implement new cooperation projects such as the restoration of Notre Dame and the protection of terracotta warriors and horses in Xi'an. The two sides welcomed the ongoing cooperation within the (ALIPH) Foundation of the League of Nations for the Protection of Heritage in conflict areas to protect and restore endangered heritage in areas of armed conflict. The two sides will strive to strengthen exchanges in combating illicit trafficking in cultural property and preventing theft, excavation and illegal entry and exit of cultural property, with a view to reaching an intergovernmental agreement on this issue. This will strengthen the 1970 UNESCO Convention来自北大法宝 on the means of prohibiting and preventing the illicit Import, Export and transfer of ownership of Cultural property. 22. 双方承诺加强文化遗产保护、修复和开发领域的合作。双方将实施巴黎圣母院修复和西安兵马俑保护等新的合作项目。双方对目前在冲突地区遗产保护国际联盟(ALIPH)基金会内为保护和修复武装冲突地区濒危遗产所开展的合作表示欢迎。双方将致力于加强在打击文化财产非法贩运、防止盗窃盗掘和非法进出境文化财产方面的交流,争取就此达成一项政府间协议,这将强化联合国教科文组织1970年《关于禁止和防止非法进出口文化财产和非法转让其所有权的方法的公约》。
23. In order to promote respect for cultural diversity around the world, the two sides reaffirmed their willingness to strengthen the field of cultural and creative industries through joint production, distribution agreements, trademark transfer, contract creation, competitions and artist exchanges. In particular, cooperation in the areas of film, publishing, music, architecture, video games and digitization is considered to have the communication potential of the broadest audience. 23. 为在世界范围内促进对文化多样性的尊重,双方重申愿通过联合制作、发行协议、商标转让、委约创作、竞赛、艺术家交流等方式,加强在文化创意产业领域,尤其是电影、出版、音乐、建筑、电子游戏和数字化等领域的合作,并认为上述合作具有最广泛受众的传播潜力。
24. The two sides reiterated their focus on strengthening education and language cooperation, promoting the training of French teachers in China and the training of Chinese teachers in France, and supporting the development of the French Union in China and the development of Chinese teaching institutions in France in the manner agreed by both sides. 24. 双方重申重点加强教育和语言合作,推动在华法语教师培养和在法汉语教师培养工作,按照双方约定的方式支持法语联盟在华发展,支持汉语教学机构在法发展。
25. The two sides reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening university cooperation and exchanges among college students, especially in promoting the development of university cooperation in running schools between the two countries. The two sides are willing to expand cooperation in the training of high-level talents. 25. 双方重申致力于加强大学合作和大学生交流,特别是推动两国高校合作办学的发展。双方愿拓展高层次人才培养合作。
26. China and France have decided to co-host the China-France year of Cultural Tourism in 2021 to support the conclusion of friendly relations between the two countries' places of interest. 26. 中法两国决定于2021年合作举办中法文化旅游年,支持两国名胜古迹间缔结友好关系。
27. The two countries stressed the importance of the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms for the development of all countries in accordance with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations. The two sides reaffirmed the importance of continuing China-EU human rights dialogue and exchanges on the basis of equality and mutual respect. 27. 两国强调根据《联合国宪章》宗旨和原则促进和保护人权和基本自由对于各国发展的重要性。双方重申在平等和相互尊重的基础上继续开展中欧人权对话与交流具有重要意义。
28. Through the implementation of the four-year plan for legal and technical cooperation, we will continue to promote cooperation within the framework of the legal and judicial dialogue between China and France. Promote mutual legal assistance and police cooperation in the civil and criminal fields on the basis of equality and reciprocity to jointly combat transnational crime. 28. 通过落实法律技术合作四年计划,继续推动在中法法律和司法对话框架下的合作。在平等和互惠基础上,促进民事和刑事领域司法协助和警务合作,共同打击跨国犯罪。
29. China and France will host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and the 2024 Olympic Games, respectively. The two sides are willing to make sports an important part of bilateral relations, especially in the exchange of young athletes, the development of sports infrastructure and the exchange of experience in the sports industry. The two sides are willing to carry forward the Olympic spirit in China and France, promote the exchange of good practices and linguistic and cultural cooperation between the teams within the framework of the agreement reached between the two Olympic organizing committees, and promote the use of French as the official language of the Olympic Games. 29. 中法两国将分别举办2022年冬奥会和2024年奥运会。双方愿让体育成为双边关系的一个重要组成部分,尤其是在青年运动员交流、体育基础设施发展以及体育产业经验交流方面。双方愿在中法两国弘扬奥林匹克精神,推动在两国奥组委达成的协议框架下开展团队之间的良好实践交流以及语言文化合作,推广法语作为奥运会官方语言的使用方式。
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Due to differences in language, legal systems, and culture, English translations of Chinese law are for reference purposes only. Please use the official Chinese-language versions as the final authority. Lawinfochina.com and its staff will not be directly or indirectly liable for use of materials found on this website.

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