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Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Creating a Better Development Environment and Supporting the Reform and Development of Private Enterprises [Effective]
中共中央、国务院关于营造更好发展环境支持民营企业改革发展的意见 [现行有效]

Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Creating a Better Development Environment and Supporting the Reform and Development of Private Enterprises 


(December 4, 2019) (2019年12月4日)

For more than 40 years of reform and opening up, private enterprises have played an irreplaceable role in promoting development, furthering innovation, increasing employment, improving people's livelihood, expanding opening, and other aspects. The private economy has become an integral part of the common development of China's multiple-ownership economy with public ownership as its mainstay. For the purposes of further stimulating the vitality and creativity of private enterprises and maximizing the important role of private economy in advancing the supply-side structural reform, promoting high-quality development, and building a modern economic system, the following opinions are hereby offered on creating a better development environment and supporting the reform and development of private enterprises. 改革开放40多年来,民营企业在推动发展、促进创新、增加就业、改善民生和扩大开放等方面发挥了不可替代的作用。民营经济已经成为我国公有制为主体多种所有制经济共同发展的重要组成部分。为进一步激发民营企业活力和创造力,充分发挥民营经济在推进供给侧结构性改革、推动高质量发展、建设现代化经济体系中的重要作用,现就营造更好发展环境支持民营企业改革发展提出如下意见。
I. General requirements   一、总体要求
1. Guiding ideology. Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era shall be the guidance, the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the Second, Third, and Fourth Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee shall be fully implemented, the spirit of the important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Private Enterprises Symposium shall be thoroughly carried out, the basic socialist economic system shall be adhered to and improved, the “two-sphere unshakeability” shall be adhered to, the new development concept shall be adhered to, supply-side structural reform shall be shall be adhered to as the main line, and a market-oriented, law-based, and international business environment shall be created, so as to ensure that private enterprises use resource factors equally and in accordance with the law, openly, fairly, and equitably participate in competition, and equally receive protection by law, promote the reform and innovation, transformation and upgrading, and sound development of private enterprises, allow private economy to lend impetus to innovation, make private enterprises fully release their creativity, and make greater contributions to accomplishing the Two Centenary Goals and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. (一)指导思想。以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,全面贯彻党的十九大和十九届二中、三中、四中全会精神,深入落实习近平总书记在民营企业座谈会上的重要讲话精神,坚持和完善社会主义基本经济制度,坚持“两个毫不动摇”,坚持新发展理念,坚持以供给侧结构性改革为主线,营造市场化、法治化、国际化营商环境,保障民营企业依法平等使用资源要素、公开公平公正参与竞争、同等受到法律保护,推动民营企业改革创新、转型升级、健康发展,让民营经济创新源泉充分涌流,让民营企业创造活力充分迸发,为实现“两个一百年”奋斗目标和中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦作出更大贡献。
2. Basic principles. Fair competition shall be adhered to, various market participants shall be treated on an equal footing, and a market environment, policy environment, and rule of law environment for fair competition shall be created, so as to ensure equal rights, opportunities, and rules; the laws of the market shall be followed, the relationship between the government and the market shall be effectively handled, the basic status of competition policies shall be strengthened, particular attention shall be paid to the use of market-based methods, the survival of the fittest and optimal allocation of resources shall be achieved through market competition, and the maintenance of the market order shall be promoted; reform and innovation shall be supported, private enterprises shall be encouraged and directed to accelerate transformation and upgrading, supply-side structural reform shall be deepened, and technology innovation capabilities and core competitiveness shall be continuously improved; and the protection by the rule of law shall be strengthened, the lawful rights and interests of private enterprises and entrepreneurs shall be protected in accordance with the law, and private enterprises shall be prompted to draw a bottom line for operating in compliance with the laws and regulations. (二)基本原则。坚持公平竞争,对各类市场主体一视同仁,营造公平竞争的市场环境、政策环境、法治环境,确保权利平等、机会平等、规则平等;遵循市场规律,处理好政府与市场的关系,强化竞争政策的基础性地位,注重采用市场化手段,通过市场竞争实现企业优胜劣汰和资源优化配置,促进市场秩序规范;支持改革创新,鼓励和引导民营企业加快转型升级,深化供给侧结构性改革,不断提升技术创新能力和核心竞争力;加强法治保障,依法保护民营企业和企业家的合法权益,推动民营企业筑牢守法合规经营底线。
II. Optimizing the market environment for fair competition   二、
3. Further deregulating market access for private enterprises. The reform of “simplifying procedures, decentralizing powers, combining decentralization with appropriate control, and optimizing services” shall be deepened, administrative approval matters for market access shall be further simplified, and no additional conditions for access may be imposed on private enterprises. Policies and measures to relax market access for private enterprises shall be fully implemented, the implementation of relevant policies on market access shall continue to be tracked and regularly assessed, and various explicit and hidden barriers shall be comprehensively searched and systematically reviewed. In power, telecommunications, railway, oil, natural gas, and other key industries and fields, competitive business shall be deregulated, and market competition mechanisms shall be further introduced. Private enterprises shall be supported in carrying out basic telecommunications operation business in the form of holding a non-controlling stake and conducting electricity generation, distribution, and sale business in the form of holding a controlling or non-controlling stake. Private enterprises shall be supported in entering the fields of the exploration, development, refining, and sale of oil and gas and building infrastructure for the storage transportation, and pipeline transportation of crude oil, natural gas, and refined oil. Eligible enterprises shall be supported in participating in the import of crude oil and export of refined oil. Market access in infrastructure, social undertakings, financial services, and other fields shall be significantly relaxed. Relevant functional authorities in the above industries and fields shall research the formulation of specific paths and measures for market access for private enterprises by industry, sector, and business and specify a roadmap and timetable. (三)进一步放开民营企业市场准入。深化“放管服”改革,进一步精简市场准入行政审批事项,不得额外对民营企业设置准入条件。全面落实放宽民营企业市场准入的政策措施,持续跟踪、定期评估市场准入有关政策落实情况,全面排查、系统清理各类显性和隐性壁垒。在电力、电信、铁路、石油、天然气等重点行业和领域,放开竞争性业务,进一步引入市场竞争机制。支持民营企业以参股形式开展基础电信运营业务,以控股或参股形式开展发电配电售电业务。支持民营企业进入油气勘探开发、炼化和销售领域,建设原油、天然气、成品油储运和管道输送等基础设施。支持符合条件的企业参与原油进口、成品油出口。在基础设施、社会事业、金融服务业等领域大幅放宽市场准入。上述行业、领域相关职能部门要研究制定民营企业分行业、分领域、分业务市场准入具体路径和办法,明确路线图和时间表。
4. Implementing a fair and unified market regulation system. The standards and procedures for the inclusion of joint disciplinary targets for dishonesty shall be further regulated, a credit repair mechanism and objection system shall be established and improved, and credit verification and joint disciplinary action shall be regulated. The filing and review of the laws and regulations related to optimizing the business environment shall be strengthened. The joint regulation among authorities by “random selection of inspectees and inspectors and public disclosure” shall be advanced in depth, and the reform of credit regulation and “Internet plus regulation” shall be implemented. The procedures for administrative action shall be detailed, and discretion in enforcement action shall be regulated, so as to take enforcement action in a strict, well-regulated, fair, and civilized manner. The management system for monopoly intermediaries shall be improved, and mandatory and repeated appraisal and assessment shall be reviewed. The reform of the mechanisms and systems for the market-based allocation of factors shall be deepened, and the mechanism for the market-based formation and transmission of the prices of factors shall be improved, so as to ensure that private enterprises have equal access to resource factors. (四)实施公平统一的市场监管制度。进一步规范失信联合惩戒对象纳入标准和程序,建立完善信用修复机制和异议制度,规范信用核查和联合惩戒。加强优化营商环境涉及的法规规章备案审查。深入推进部门联合“双随机、一公开”监管,推行信用监管和“互联网+监管”改革。细化明确行政执法程序,规范执法自由裁量权,严格规范公正文明执法。完善垄断性中介管理制度,清理强制性重复鉴定评估。深化要素市场化配置体制机制改革,健全市场化要素价格形成和传导机制,保障民营企业平等获得资源要素。
5. Strengthening the rigid constraints of the fair competition review system. Equal attention shall be paid to stock review and incremental examination, various provisions and practices that obstruct the unified market and fair competition shall continue to be reviewed and repealed, and the review of industry access, qualification standard, industry subsidy, and other provisions and practices linked to the nature of enterprises shall be accelerated. The transition of industry policies from differentiation and selectivity to inclusiveness and functionality shall be advanced. Newly issued policy measures shall be strictly reviewed, well-regulated processes shall be shaped, and third parties shall be introduced to conduct assessment and review. A complaint, reporting, processing, and response mechanism for violations of fair competition directed at all types of market participants shall be established, and the processing shall be disclosed to the public in a timely manner. (五)强化公平竞争审查制度刚性约束。坚持存量清理和增量审查并重,持续清理和废除妨碍统一市场和公平竞争的各种规定和做法,加快清理与企业性质挂钩的行业准入、资质标准、产业补贴等规定和做法。推进产业政策由差异化、选择性向普惠化、功能性转变。严格审查新出台的政策措施,建立规范流程,引入第三方开展评估审查。建立面向各类市场主体的有违公平竞争问题的投诉举报和处理回应机制并及时向社会公布处理情况。
6. Removing hidden barriers to tender. For enterprises with corresponding qualifications, enterprise-size thresholds irrelevant to business capabilities and performance thresholds in clear excess of the requirements for tender projects may not be set. The tendering procedure supervision and information publication system shall be improved, and for tendering completed according to the laws and regulations, the person responsible for tendering shall not be held accountable on the grounds of the nature of successful bidder enterprises. (六)破除招投标隐性壁垒。对具备相应资质条件的企业,不得设置与业务能力无关的企业规模门槛和明显超过招标项目要求的业绩门槛等。完善招投标程序监督与信息公示制度,对依法依规完成的招标,不得以中标企业性质为由对招标责任人进行追责。
III. Improving the precise and effective policy environment   三、完善精准有效的政策环境
7. Further reducing the burden of taxes and fees on enterprises. The reduction of taxes and fees on a larger scale shall be effectively implemented, and policies such as reducing value-added tax rates, expanding the scope of micro and small-sized enterprises enjoying tax incentives, increasing efforts in weighted deduction of research and development expenses, and reducing social security premium rates shall be effectively implemented, so as to substantially reduce the burden on enterprises. A system of supervisory inspection lists shall be established and improved, the system of enterprise-related fee lists shall be implemented, enterprise-related fees, apportionments, and various evaluation and compliance activities in violations of provisions shall be reviewed, efforts to review and address acts of third parties such as interception of the benefits of reductions in taxes and fees shall be intensified, and the transmission mechanism for tax and fee reduction policies shall be further opened up, so as to effectively reduce the cost for private enterprises. Tax avoidance and evasion shall be prevented by the strictest standards, and the effects improper taxation has on the normal operation of enterprises shall be prevented.

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