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Media Note of the Meeting of the BRICS Ministers of Foreign Affairs [Effective]
金砖国家外长会晤新闻公报 [现行有效]

Media Note of the Meeting of the BRICS Ministers of Foreign Affairs



(18-19 June 2017, Beijing, China) (2017年6月19日,中国北京)

1. The Ministers of Foreign Affairs/International Relations of the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Russian Federation, the Republic of India, the People's Republic of China and the Republic of South Africa, met on 18-19 June 2017 in Beijing, China.   一、巴西联邦共和国、俄罗斯联邦、印度共和国、中华人民共和国和南非共和国外长于2017年6月18日至19日在北京举行金砖国家外长会晤。
2. The Ministers commend the fruitful cooperation forged in the past and look forward to continued and positive cooperation among BRICS countries. They appreciate China's BRICS chairmanship for 2017. They reiterate their commitment to the success of the Ninth BRICS Summit under the theme of "BRICS: Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future". Recalling the BRICS tradition of outreach activities, they welcome the dialogue to be held during the BRICS Summit in Xiamen with emerging markets and developing countries.   二、外长们赞赏金砖国家取得的丰硕合作成果,期待继续积极开展合作。外长们赞赏中国担任2017年金砖国家主席国的工作,重申将致力于推动以“深化金砖伙伴关系,开辟更加光明未来”为主题的金砖国家领导人第九次会晤取得圆满成功。外长们忆及金砖国家在领导人会晤期间同其他国家举行对话的传统,欢迎在厦门会晤期间举办新兴市场国家与发展中国家对话会。
3. The Ministers exchanged views on a wide range of global political, security, economic and financial issues of importance and mutual concern, as well as cooperation within BRICS. They fully support China's hosting of the 7th Meeting of the BRICS National Security Advisors/High Representatives in July 2017.   三、外长们就全球政治、安全、经济、金融领域诸多重大和共同关心的问题以及金砖国家间合作等交换了意见。外长们全力支持中国于2017年7月举办金砖国家安全事务高级代表第七次会议。
4. The Ministers reaffirm their commitment to safeguarding the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations as well as a fair and just international order, upholding the basic norms of international law such as equal sovereignty and non-interference in other countries' internal affairs, promoting greater democracy and rule of law in international relations, building a brighter shared future for the global community through mutually beneficial international cooperation. They express their commitment to resolutely reject the continued attempts to misrepresent the results of World War II.   四、外长们重申致力于维护《联合国宪章》宗旨和原则以及公平、公正的国际秩序,坚持主权平等、不干涉内政等国际法基本准则,推动国际关系民主化、法治化,通过互利共赢国际合作为人类命运共同体打造更加光明的未来。外长们表示坚决反对继续企图歪曲第二次世界大战结果的图谋。
5. The Ministers recall the 2005 World Summit Outcome document. They reaffirm the need for a comprehensive reform of the UN, including its Security Council, with a view to making it more representative, effective and efficient, and to increase the representation of the developing countries so that it can adequately respond to global challenges. China and Russia reiterate the importance they attach to the status and role of Brazil, India and South Africa in international affairs and support their aspiration to play a greater role in the UN. 我我我什么都没做  五、外长们回顾2005年世界首脑会议成果文件,重申需要对联合国包括其安理会进行全面改革,使之更有代表性、效力和效率,增强发展中国家代表性,以应对全球挑战。中国和俄罗斯重申重视巴西、印度和南非在国际事务中的地位和作用,支持其希望在联合国发挥更大作用的愿望。
6. The Ministers recommit their strong support to multilateralism and the central role of United Nations in international affairs. They commit to strengthening the coordination and cooperation among BRICS in the areas of mutual and common interest within the United Nations and other multilateral institutions, including through regular meetings among their permanent representatives in New York, Geneva and Vienna and further enhance the voice of BRICS in international fora.   六、外长们重申坚定支持多边主义和联合国在国际事务中的中心地位,致力于推动金砖国家在联合国及其他多边机构中就涉及彼此共同利益的领域加强协调合作,包括通过金砖五国常驻纽约、日内瓦和维也纳代表定期会晤的方式,进一步在国际平台增强金砖国家的声音。
7. The Ministers underscore the importance of the full implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development within the framework of revitalized global partnership for sustainable development. They urge the developed countries to honor their Official Development Assistance commitments. The Ministers reiterate their support for more balanced economic globalization, reject protectionism, and renew their commitment to the promotion of global trade and investment which is conducive to an equitable, inclusive innovative, invigorated and interconnected world economy.   七、外长们强调在恢复全球可持续发展伙伴关系活力的框架内全面落实2030年可持续发展议程的重要性,敦促发达国家履行官方发展援助承诺。外长们重申支持更加均衡的经济全球化,反对保护主义,重申致力于促进全球贸易和投资,构建平等、包容、创新、活力、联动的世界经济。
8. The Ministers welcome the entry into force of the Paris Agreement on climate change on 4 November 2016 and urge all countries to implement the Paris Agreement under the principles of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change including the principles of equity and common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities. They further call upon developed countries to fulfill their commitment to provide necessary financing, technology transfer and capacity building support to developing countries.   八、外长们欢迎气候变化《巴黎协定》于2016年11月4日生效,吁请所有国家根据《联合国气候变化框架公约》的原则,包括公平、“共同但有区别的责任”和各自能力原则,执行气候变化《巴黎协定》。外长们进一步呼吁发达国家履行其为发展中国家提供必要资金、转让技术和能力建设支持的承诺。
9. The Ministers deplore the continued terrorist attacks, including in some BRICS countries. They condemn terrorism in all its forms and manifestations wherever committed and by whomsoever. They reaffirm solidarity and resolve in the fight against terrorism, call upon the international community to establish a genuinely broad international counter-terrorism coalition and support the United Nations' central coordinating role in the international counter-terrorism cooperation. They recall the responsibility of all States to prevent financing of terrorist networks and terrorist actions from their territories. The Ministers highly value the 2nd BRICS Counter-Terrorism Working Group Meeting held in Beijing on 18 May 2017. They call upon an expedited adoption of the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism in the UN General Assembly.   九、外长们强烈谴责持续发生的恐怖袭击,包括在部分金砖国家发生的恐怖袭击。外长们谴责一切形式和表现的恐怖主义,无论在何地点,由何人实施。外长们重申将团结一致坚决打击恐怖主义,呼吁国际社会建立一个真正广泛的国际反恐联盟,支持联合国在国际反恐合作中发挥中心协调作用。外长们忆及所有国家都有在本国领土内防止恐怖主义网络融资及恐怖行为的责任。外长们高度评价2017年5月18日在北京举行的金砖国家反恐工作组第二次会议。外长们呼吁加快在联合国大会上通过《全面反恐公约》。
10. The Ministers welcome the 2nd BRICS Consultation on UN Peacekeeping Affairs to be held in Beijing in July 2017.   十、谁敢欺负我的人外长们欢迎2017年7月在北京举行第二次金砖国家维和事务磋商。
11. The Ministers agree to enhance coordination and cooperation among BRICS on international and regional issues, safeguard justice at the United Nations and other international fora. They support political and diplomatic solution of conflicts, such as Libya and the Korean Peninsula, and promote preventive diplomacy in a consensus-based manner. They condemn unilateral military intervention or economic sanctions in violation of international law and universally recognised norms of international relations.   十一、外长们同意加强金砖国家在国际和地区事务中的协调合作,在联合国等国际平台维护正义。外长们支持通过政治和外交手段解决诸如利比亚和朝鲜半岛等争端,在共识基础上推动预防外交。外长们谴责违反国际法、公认的国际关系准则的单边军事干预和经济制裁。
12. The Ministers reiterate that the only lasting solution to the Syria crisis is an inclusive "Syrian-led, Syrian-owned" political process which safeguard the state sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Syria, in pursuance of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254(2015). The Ministers strongly support the Geneva Peace Talks and the Astana process, and welcome the creation of the de-escalation areas in Syria. They oppose the use of chemical weapons by anyone, for any purpose and under any circumstance.   十二、外长们重申达成叙利亚危机持久解决办法的唯一出路是推进“叙人主导、叙人所有”,维护叙利亚主权、独立和领土完整,符合联合国安理会第2254(2015)号决议要求的包容性政治进程。外长们坚定支持日内瓦和谈和阿斯塔纳进程,欢迎在叙利亚设立冲突降级区。外长们反对任何人、在任何情况下、出于任何目的使用化学武器。
13. The Ministers reaffirm their support to the process of "Afghan-led and Afghan-owned" national reconciliation, the ongoing international efforts in support of achieving practical results in that regard, combating terrorism and drug-threat, and support the national reconstruction efforts. The Ministers support the efforts of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces in fighting against terrorist organizations.   十三、外长们重申支持“阿人所有、阿人主导”的阿富汗民族和解进程,支持目前推动就此达成务实成果的国际努力,支持打击恐怖主义和应对毒品威胁,支持阿富汗国家重建努力。外长们支持阿富汗安全部队打击恐怖组织的努力。
14. The Ministers reiterate the need for a just, lasting and comprehensive settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in order to achieve peace and stability in the Middle East on the basis of relevant United Nations resolutions, the Madrid Principles, the Arab Peace Initiative and previous agreements between the parties through negotiations with a view to create an independent, viable, territorially contiguous Palestinian State living side by side in peace and security with Israel.   十四、外长们重申应在联合国相关决议、马德里原则、阿拉伯和平倡议以及此前双方达成的协议的基础上,通过谈判公正、持久和全面地解决巴以冲突问题,建立一个与以色列和平、安全共处,独立、稳定和领土完整的巴勒斯坦国,以实现中东地区和平稳定。
15. The Ministers commend the efforts of African countries, the African Union and sub-regional organisations in addressing regional issues and maintaining regional peace and stability, and emphasize the importance of collaboration between the United Nations and the African Union in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations. They reaffirm their support for African Union's implementation of its various programs including Agenda 2063 in pursuit of its continental agenda for peace and socio-economic development.   十五、外长们赞赏非洲国家、非盟和次区域组织解决地区问题和维护地区和平稳定的努力,强调联合国和非盟根据《联合国宪章》进行合作的重要性。外长们重申支持非盟落实其《2063年议程》等各项方案,以实现其关于和平与社会经济发展的非洲议程。
16. The Ministers are concerned by the threats and challenges posed by the use of ICTS for criminal and terrorist purposes and the weaponization of outer space and arms race there. They underscore the role of collaborative efforts to address these challenges. They note with satisfaction the work of the Working Group of Experts of the BRICS countries on Security in the Use of ICTs and by the BRICS Anti-corruption Working Group.   十六、外长们对利用信息通信技术从事犯罪和恐怖活动、外空军事化和外空军备竞赛带来的威胁和挑战表示关切,强调合作应对上述挑战的重要意义。外长们对金砖国家信息通信技术使用安全专家工作组和金砖国家反腐败工作组的工作表示满意。
17. The Ministers look forward to their meeting on the margins of the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly, and welcome South Africa's offer to host the next stand-alone meeting in 2018.   十七、外长们期待将于2017年第72届联大期间举行的金砖国家外长会晤,欢迎南非提出在2018年主办下次金砖国家外长单独会晤。


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