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Counterterrorism Law of the People's Republic of China (2018 Amendment) [Effective]
中华人民共和国反恐怖主义法(2018修正) [现行有效]


Counterterrorism Law of the People's Republic of China 中华人民共和国反恐怖主义法
(Promulgated by Order No. 36 of the President of the People's Republic of China on December 27, 2015, and amended according to the Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress to Amend Six Laws Including the Frontier Health and Quarantine Law of the People's Republic of China, by Order No. 6 of the President of the People's Republic of China on April 27, 2018) (2015年12月27日第十二届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第十八次会议通过 根据2018年4月27日第十三届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第二次会议《关于修改〈中华人民共和国国境卫生检疫法〉等六部法律的决定》修正)


Table of Contents 目录

Chapter I General Provisions 第一章 总  则
Chapter II Determination of Terrorist Organizations and Individuals 第二章 恐怖活动组织和人员的认定
Chapter III Security Protection 第三章 安全防范
Chapter IV Intelligence Information 第四章 情报信息
Chapter V Investigation 第五章 调  查
Chapter VI Response and Handling 第六章 应对处置
Chapter VII International Cooperation 第七章 国际合作
Chapter VIII Safeguard Measures 第八章 保障措施
Chapter IX Legal Liability 第九章 法律责任
Chapter X Supplementary Provisions 第十章 附  则
Chapter I General Provisions 

第一章 总  则

Article 1 For purposes of preventing and punishing terrorist activities, improving counterterrorism work, and safeguarding national security, public security and the security of people's lives and property, this Law is developed in accordance with the Constitution.   第一条 为了防范和惩治恐怖活动,加强反恐怖主义工作,维护国家安全、公共安全和人民生命财产安全,根据宪法,制定本法。
Article 2 The state shall combat all forms of terrorism, legally ban terrorist organizations, and in accordance with the law, investigate the legal liability of anyone who organizes, plans, prepares for, or conducts any terrorist activity, advocates terrorism, instigates any terrorist activity, organizes, leads or participates in any terrorist organization, or provides assistance to any terrorist activity.   第二条 国家反对一切形式的恐怖主义,依法取缔恐怖活动组织,对任何组织、策划、准备实施、实施恐怖活动,宣扬恐怖主义,煽动实施恐怖活动,组织、领导、参加恐怖活动组织,为恐怖活动提供帮助的,依法追究法律责任。
The state shall not make concession to any terrorist organization or individual, or offer asylum or give refugee status to any terrorist. 国家不向任何恐怖活动组织和人员作出妥协,不向任何恐怖活动人员提供庇护或者给予难民地位。
Article 3 For the purpose of this Law, “terrorism” means any proposition or activity that, by means of violence, sabotage or threat, generates social panic, undermines public security, infringes upon personal and property rights, or menaces state authorities and international organizations, with the aim to realize political, ideological and other purposes.   第三条 本法所称恐怖主义,是指通过暴力、破坏、恐吓等手段,制造社会恐慌、危害公共安全、侵犯人身财产,或者胁迫国家机关、国际组织,以实现其政治、意识形态等目的的主张和行为。
For the purpose of this Law, “terrorist activities” means the following conduct of the terrorist nature: 本法所称恐怖活动,是指恐怖主义性质的下列行为:
(1) Organizing, planning, preparing for, or conducting the activities which cause or attempt to cause casualties, grave property loss, damage to public facilities, disruption of social order and other serious social harm. (一)组织、策划、准备实施、实施造成或者意图造成人员伤亡、重大财产损失、公共设施损坏、社会秩序混乱等严重社会危害的活动的;
(2) Advocating terrorism, instigating terrorist activities, or illegally holding articles advocating terrorism, or forcing other persons to wear costume or symbols advocating terrorism in public places. (二)宣扬恐怖主义,煽动实施恐怖活动,或者非法持有宣扬恐怖主义的物品,强制他人在公共场所穿戴宣扬恐怖主义的服饰、标志的;
(3) Organizing, leading or participating in terrorist organizations. (三)组织、领导、参加恐怖活动组织的;
(4) Providing information, funds, materials, labor services, technologies, places and other support, assistance and convenience to terrorist organizations, terrorists, the implementation of terrorist activities or training on terrorist activities. (四)为恐怖活动组织、恐怖活动人员、实施恐怖活动或者恐怖活动培训提供信息、资金、物资、劳务、技术、场所等支持、协助、便利的;
(5) Other terrorist activities. (五)其他恐怖活动。
For the purpose of this Law, “terrorist organizations” means criminal organizations formed by three or more persons for the purpose of conducting terrorist activities. 本法所称恐怖活动组织,是指三人以上为实施恐怖活动而组成的犯罪组织。
For the purpose of this Law, “terrorists” means the individuals who conduct terrorist activities and members of terrorist organizations. 本法所称恐怖活动人员,是指实施恐怖活动的人和恐怖活动组织的成员。
For the purpose of this Law, “terrorist incidents” means terrorist activities that are occurring or have occurred, which cause or may cause serious social harm. 本法所称恐怖事件,是指正在发生或者已经发生的造成或者可能造成重大社会危害的恐怖活动。
Article 4 The state shall include counterterrorism in the national security strategy, comprehensively implement policies, address both the symptoms and root causes, strengthen the construction of counterterrorism capability, and use political, economic, legal, cultural, educational, diplomatic, military, and other means to conduct counterterrorism work.   第四条 国家将反恐怖主义纳入国家安全战略,综合施策,标本兼治,加强反恐怖主义的能力建设,运用政治、经济、法律、文化、教育、外交、军事等手段,开展反恐怖主义工作。
The state shall combat all forms of extremism, such as the incitement to hatred and discrimination and agitation for violence by distorting religious doctrine or other methods, so as to eliminate the ideological basis of terrorism. 国家反对一切形式的以歪曲宗教教义或者其他方法煽动仇恨、煽动歧视、鼓吹暴力等极端主义,消除恐怖主义的思想基础。
Article 5 Counterterrorism work shall be conducted under the principles of combining specialized tasks with reliance on the masses, giving priority to prevention, integrating punishment and prevention, anticipating the enemy and maintaining activeness.   第五条 反恐怖主义工作坚持专门工作与群众路线相结合,防范为主、惩防结合和先发制敌、保持主动的原则。
Article 6 Counterterrorism work shall be conducted in accordance with the law by respecting and safeguarding human rights and protecting the lawful rights and interests of citizens and organizations.   第六条 反恐怖主义工作应当依法进行,尊重和保障人权,维护公民和组织的合法权益。
In counterterrorism work, citizens' freedom in religious belief and ethnic customs shall be respected, and any discriminatory deeds based on regions, ethnic groups, religions and other causes shall be prohibited. 在反恐怖主义工作中,应当尊重公民的宗教信仰自由和民族风俗习惯,禁止任何基于地域、民族、宗教等理由的歧视性做法。
Article 7 The state shall establish a counterterrorism leading body to uniformly lead and command the national counterterrorism work.   第七条 国家设立反恐怖主义工作领导机构,统一领导和指挥全国反恐怖主义工作。
Local people's governments at or above the level of a districted city shall establish counterterrorism leading bodies, people's governments at the county level shall establish counterterrorism leading bodies as required, and be responsible for counterterrorism work in their respective regions under the leadership and command of counterterrorism leading bodies at higher levels. 设区的市级以上地方人民政府设立反恐怖主义工作领导机构,县级人民政府根据需要设立反恐怖主义工作领导机构,在上级反恐怖主义工作领导机构的领导和指挥下,负责本地区反恐怖主义工作。
Article 8 Public security authorities, national security authorities, people's procuratorates, people's courts, judicial administrative authorities, and other relevant state authorities shall, according to their division of work, implement the work responsibility system, and effectively conduct counterterrorism work in accordance with the law.   第八条 公安机关、国家安全机关和人民检察院、人民法院、司法行政机关以及其他有关国家机关,应当根据分工,实行工作责任制,依法做好反恐怖主义工作。
The Chinese People's Liberation Army, the Chinese people's armed police force and militia organizations shall prevent and punish terrorist activities in accordance with this Law and other relevant laws, administrative regulations, military regulations and orders of the State Council and the Central Military Commission, and according to the arrangements of counterterrorism leading bodies. 中国人民解放军、中国人民武装警察部队和民兵组织依照本法和其他有关法律、行政法规、军事法规以及国务院、中央军事委员会的命令,并根据反恐怖主义工作领导机构的部署,防范和处置恐怖活动。
The relevant departments shall establish the joint cooperation mechanism, and rely on and mobilize villagers' committees, neighborhood committees, enterprises and public institutions, and social organizations to jointly conduct counterterrorism work. 有关部门应当建立联动配合机制,依靠、动员村民委员会、居民委员会、企业事业单位、社会组织,共同开展反恐怖主义工作。
Article 9 All entities and individuals have the obligation to assist and cooperate with the relevant departments in counterterrorism work, and shall report any suspected terrorist activity, or suspect of terrorist activities discovered to the public security authority or the relevant department in a timely manner.   第九条 任何单位和个人都有协助、配合有关部门开展反恐怖主义工作的义务,发现恐怖活动嫌疑或者恐怖活动嫌疑人员的,应当及时向公安机关或者有关部门报告。
Article 10 The entities and individuals that have made prominent contributions to the reporting of terrorist activities or assistance to the prevention of terrorist activities, and entities and individuals that have made other prominent contributions in counterterrorism work shall be commended and rewarded according to the relevant provisions of the state.   第十条 对举报恐怖活动或者协助防范、制止恐怖活动有突出贡献的单位和个人,以及在反恐怖主义工作中作出其他突出贡献的单位和个人,按照国家有关规定给予表彰、奖励。
Article 11 The People's Republic of China shall exercise criminal jurisdiction over terrorist crimes committed against the nation, citizens or institutions of the People's Republic of China outside the territory of the People's Republic of China, or terrorist crimes constituted under international treaties that the People's Republic of China has concluded or acceded to, and investigate criminal liabilities in accordance with the law.   第十一条 对在中华人民共和国领域外对中华人民共和国国家、公民或者机构实施的恐怖活动犯罪,或者实施的中华人民共和国缔结、参加的国际条约所规定的恐怖活动犯罪,中华人民共和国行使刑事管辖权,依法追究刑事责任。
Chapter II Determination of Terrorist Organizations and Individuals 

第二章 恐怖活动组织和人员的认定

Article 12 The national counterterrorism leading body shall, in accordance with the provision of Article 3 of this Law, determine terrorist organizations and individuals, and the announcement thereon shall be made by the working body of the national counterterrorism leading body.   第十二条 国家反恐怖主义工作领导机构根据本法第三条的规定,认定恐怖活动组织和人员,由国家反恐怖主义工作领导机构的办事机构予以公告。
Article 13 The public security department, national security department and foreign affairs department of the State Council and provincial counterterrorism leading bodies shall file applications with the national counterterrorism leading body for the determination of terrorist organizations and individuals if required.   第十三条 国务院公安部门、国家安全部门、外交部门和省级反恐怖主义工作领导机构对于需要认定恐怖活动组织和人员的,应当向国家反恐怖主义工作领导机构提出申请。
Article 14 Financial institutions and specific non-financial institutions shall immediately freeze the funds or other assets of terrorist organizations and individuals announced by the working body of the national counterterrorism leading body, and according to the relevant provisions, report to the public security department, national security department and anti-money laundering administrative department of the State Council in a timely manner.   第十四条 金融机构和特定非金融机构对国家反恐怖主义工作领导机构的办事机构公告的恐怖活动组织和人员的资金或者其他资产,应当立即予以冻结,并按照规定及时向国务院公安部门、国家安全部门和反洗钱行政主管部门报告。
Article 15 A determined terrorist organization or individual that has any objection to the determination may file an application for review with the working body of the national counterterrorism leading body. The national counterterrorism leading body shall conduct review in a timely manner, and make a decision to maintain or revoke the determination. The review decision shall be final.   第十五条 被认定的恐怖活动组织和人员对认定不服的,可以通过国家反恐怖主义工作领导机构的办事机构申请复核。国家反恐怖主义工作领导机构应当及时进行复核,作出维持或者撤销认定的决定。复核决定为最终决定。
Where the national counterterrorism leading body makes a decision to revoke the determination, the working body of the national counterterrorism leading body shall make an announcement; and the funds and assets that have been frozen shall be unfrozen. 国家反恐怖主义工作领导机构作出撤销认定的决定的,由国家反恐怖主义工作领导机构的办事机构予以公告;资金、资产已被冻结的,应当解除冻结。
Article 16 In accordance with the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Law, the competent people's courts at or above the intermediate level may legally determine terrorist organizations and individuals in the course of trying criminal cases. If the working body of the national counterterrorism leading body needs to make an announcement after a judgment comes into force, the relevant provisions of this Chapter shall apply.   第十六条 根据刑事诉讼法的规定,有管辖权的中级以上人民法院在审判刑事案件的过程中,可以依法认定恐怖活动组织和人员。对于在判决生效后需要由国家反恐怖主义工作领导机构的办事机构予以公告的,适用本章的有关规定。
Chapter III Security Protection 

第三章 安 全 防 范

Article 17 People's governments at all levels and the relevant departments shall organize counterterrorism publicity and education, and enhance the counterterrorism awareness of citizens.   第十七条 各级人民政府和有关部门应当组织开展反恐怖主义宣传教育,提高公民的反恐怖主义意识。
Education and human resource administrative departments, schools and the relevant vocational training institutions shall include the knowledge about the prevention of and response to terrorist activities in the education, teaching and training content. 教育、人力资源行政主管部门和学校、有关职业培训机构应当将恐怖活动预防、应急知识纳入教育、教学、培训的内容。
Press, broadcasting, television, culture, religion, Internet and other relevant entities shall conduct pertinent counterterrorism publicity and education in the society. 新闻、广播、电视、文化、宗教、互联网等有关单位,应当有针对性地面向社会进行反恐怖主义宣传教育。
Villagers' committees and neighborhood committees shall assist people's governments and the relevant departments in strengthening counterterrorism publicity and education. 村民委员会、居民委员会应当协助人民政府以及有关部门,加强反恐怖主义宣传教育。
Article 18 Telecommunications business operators and Internet service providers shall provide technical interface, decryption and other technical support and assistance for the prevention and investigation of terrorist activities conducted by public security authorities and national security authorities in accordance with the law.   第十八条 电信业务经营者、互联网服务提供者应当为公安机关、国家安全机关依法进行防范、调查恐怖活动提供技术接口和解密等技术支持和协助。
Article 19 Telecommunications business operators and Internet service providers shall, in accordance with the provisions of laws and administrative regulations, put into practice network security and information content supervision rules, and technical measures for security protection, so as to avoid the dissemination of information with any terrorist or extremist content. If they discover any information with terrorist or extremist content, they shall cease the transmission immediately, preserve relevant records, delete relevant information, and report to public security authorities or the relevant departments.   第十九条 电信业务经营者、互联网服务提供者应当依照法律、行政法规规定,落实网络安全、信息内容监督制度和安全技术防范措施,防止含有恐怖主义、极端主义内容的信息传播;发现含有恐怖主义、极端主义内容的信息的,应当立即停止传输,保存相关记录,删除相关信息,并向公安机关或者有关部门报告。
Network communications, telecommunications, public security, national security and other competent departments shall, according to the division of their powers and duties, order in a timely manner the relevant entities to cease the transmission of and delete the relevant information with any terrorist or extremist content, or close the relevant websites and terminate the provision of the relevant services. Relevant entities shall immediately enforce such orders and preserve the relevant records, and assist in investigation. Competent telecommunications departments shall take technical measures to block the dissemination of information with any terrorist or extremist content available on the international Internet. 网信、电信、公安、国家安全等主管部门对含有恐怖主义、极端主义内容的信息,应当按照职责分工,及时责令有关单位停止传输、删除相关信息,或者关闭相关网站、关停相关服务。有关单位应当立即执行,并保存相关记录,协助进行调查。对互联网上跨境传输的含有恐怖主义、极端主义内容的信息,电信主管部门应当采取技术措施,阻断传播。
Article 20 Entities providing cargo transport by railway, highway, waterway or air, postal entities, express delivery entities, and other logistics operation entities shall implement security check rules, check clients' identities, and conduct security check or visual check of the transported and delivered articles as required. The articles prohibited from transport and delivery, articles with serious potential safety hazards or articles for which clients refuse to accept security check shall not be transported or delivered.   第二十条 铁路、公路、水上、航空的货运和邮政、快递等物流运营单位应当实行安全查验制度,对客户身份进行查验,依照规定对运输、寄递物品进行安全检查或者开封验视。对禁止运输、寄递,存在重大安全隐患,或者客户拒绝安全查验的物品,不得运输、寄递。
“Logistics operation entities” as mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall implement rules on the registration of information on identities of clients who transport and deliver articles and information on articles. 前款规定的物流运营单位,应当实行运输、寄递客户身份、物品信息登记制度。
Article 21 Telecommunications, Internet, finance, accommodation, long-distance passenger transport, motor vehicle lease and other business operators and service providers shall check clients' identities. They shall not provide services to any client whose identity is not clear or who refuses to accept identity check.   第二十一条 电信、互联网、金融、住宿、长途客运、机动车租赁等业务经营者、服务提供者,应当对客户身份进行查验。对身份不明或者拒绝身份查验的,不得提供服务。
Article 22 Production and import entities shall, according to the relevant provisions, produce electronic track labels on guns and other weapons, ammunition, controlled instruments, hazardous chemicals, civil explosives and nuclear and radioactive articles, and add security check track labels to civil explosives.   第二十二条 生产和进口单位应当依照规定对枪支等武器、弹药、管制器具、危险化学品、民用爆炸物品、核与放射物品作出电子追踪标识,对民用爆炸物品添加安检示踪标识物。
Transport entities shall, according to the relevant provisions, monitor the transport vehicles of hazardous chemicals, civil explosives and nuclear and radioactive articles in operation through the positioning system. 运输单位应当依照规定对运营中的危险化学品、民用爆炸物品、核与放射物品的运输工具通过定位系统实行监控。
The relevant entities shall conduct strict supervision and administration of infectious pathogens and other substances according to the relevant provisions, and strictly prevent the spread or flow into illegal channels of infectious pathogens and other substances. 有关单位应当依照规定对传染病病原体等物质实行严格的监督管理,严密防范传染病病原体等物质扩散或者流入非法渠道。
The relevant department of the State Council or provincial people's governments may, as required, decide to regulate the production, import and export, transport, sale, use and scrapping of controlled instruments, hazardous chemicals and civil explosives in specific regions at specific time, and may prohibit trading of the aforesaid articles with cash and physical goods, or otherwise restrict trading activities. 对管制器具、危险化学品、民用爆炸物品,国务院有关主管部门或者省级人民政府根据需要,在特定区域、特定时间,可以决定对生产、进出口、运输、销售、使用、报废实施管制,可以禁止使用现金、实物进行交易或者对交易活动作出其他限制。
Article 23 Where any gun or any other weapon, ammunition, hazardous chemicals, civil explosives, nuclear and radioactive articles, or infectious pathogens or any other articles are stolen or robbed, lost or otherwise disappeared, the entity where the case occurs shall immediately take necessary control measures, and immediately report to the public security authority, and at the same time, report to the relevant department as required. The public security authority shall conduct investigation in a timely manner after receiving the report. The relevant department shall assist in the work of the public security authority.   第二十三条 发生枪支等武器、弹药、危险化学品、民用爆炸物品、核与放射物品、传染病病原体等物质被盗、被抢、丢失或者其他流失的情形,案发单位应当立即采取必要的控制措施,并立即向公安机关报告,同时依照规定向有关主管部门报告。公安机关接到报告后,应当及时开展调查。有关主管部门应当配合公安机关开展工作。
No entity or individual shall illegally manufacture, produce, store, transport, import or export, sell, provide, purchase, use, possess, scrap or destroy any articles as set forth in the preceding paragraph. If discovered by a public security authority, the articles shall be detained; if discovered by any other competent department, the articles shall be detained and the public security authority shall be immediately notified, and if discovered by any other entity or individual, a report shall be immediately made to the public security authority. 任何单位和个人不得非法制作、生产、储存、运输、进出口、销售、提供、购买、使用、持有、报废、销毁前款规定的物品。公安机关发现的,应当予以扣押;其他主管部门发现的,应当予以扣押,并立即通报公安机关;其他单位、个人发现的,应当立即向公安机关报告。
Article 24 The anti-money laundering department of the State Council and the relevant departments and bodies of the State Council shall, in accordance with the law, conduct supervision and administration of the performance of the obligation to combat terrorist financing by financial institutions and specific non-financial institutions.   第二十四条 国务院反洗钱行政主管部门、国务院有关部门、机构依法对金融机构和特定非金融机构履行反恐怖主义融资义务的情况进行监督管理。
Where the anti-money laundering department of the State Council finds any suspected terrorist financing, it may conduct investigation in accordance with the law, and take temporary freeze measure. 国务院反洗钱行政主管部门发现涉嫌恐怖主义融资的,可以依法进行调查,采取临时冻结措施。
Article 25 Where the audit, public finance, tax or any other department discovers in the course of supervision and inspection of the relevant entities according to the provisions of laws and administrative regulations that the capital inflow or outflow is suspected of terrorist financing , it shall notify the public security authority in a timely manner.   第二十五条 审计、财政、税务等部门在依照法律、行政法规的规定对有关单位实施监督检查的过程中,发现资金流入流出涉嫌恐怖主义融资的,应当及时通报公安机关。
Article 26 Where a customs office finds any suspected terrorist financing in the course of supervision of cash and bearer negotiable instruments carried by the personnel entering or leaving China, it shall immediately notify the anti-money laundering administrative department of the State Council and the competent public security authority.   第二十六条 海关在对进出境人员携带现金和无记名有价证券实施监管的过程中,发现涉嫌恐怖主义融资的,应当立即通报国务院反洗钱行政主管部门和有管辖权的公安机关。
Article 27 Urban and rural plans made or implemented upon organization by local people's governments at all levels shall satisfy the requirements for counterterrorism work.   第二十七条 地方各级人民政府制定、组织实施城乡规划,应当符合反恐怖主义工作的需要。
Local people's governments at all levels shall, as required, organize and urge the relevant construction entities to equip themselves with and install public security video information systems and other technical and material defense equipment and facilities for guarding against terrorist attacks on main roads, transport junctions and major parts of urban public areas. 地方各级人民政府应当根据需要,组织、督促有关建设单位在主要道路、交通枢纽、城市公共区域的重点部位,配备、安装公共安全视频图像信息系统等防范恐怖袭击的技防、物防设备、设施。
Article 28 Public security authorities and the relevant departments shall, in a timely manner, stop anyone that advocates extremism, endangers public security, disturbs the public order, infringes upon personal and property rights, or disrupts social management by using extremism, and investigate legal liability in accordance with the law.   第二十八条 公安机关和有关部门对宣扬极端主义,利用极端主义危害公共安全、扰乱公共秩序、侵犯人身财产、妨害社会管理的,应当及时予以制止,依法追究法律责任。
Where a public security authority finds any extremist activity, it shall order the immediate cessation of the activity, forcibly take the relevant personnel out of the scene and register their identity information, confiscate the relevant articles and materials, and seal up the places for illegal activities. 公安机关发现极端主义活动的,应当责令立即停止,将有关人员强行带离现场并登记身份信息,对有关物品、资料予以收缴,对非法活动场所予以查封。
Any entity or individual that finds any articles, materials or information that advocates extremism shall immediately report to the public security authority. 任何单位和个人发现宣扬极端主义的物品、资料、信息的,应当立即向公安机关报告。
Article 29 Where anyone is instigated, coerced or induced to participate in any terrorist or extremist activity, or participates in any terrorist or extremist activity, if the circumstances are not serious enough to constitute a crime, the public security authority shall organize the relevant departments, villagers' committee, neighborhood committee, the entity where he or she works, the school where he or she studies, his or her family members and guardian to assist and educate him or her.   第二十九条 对被教唆、胁迫、引诱参与恐怖活动、极端主义活动,或者参与恐怖活动、极端主义活动情节轻微,尚不构成犯罪的人员,公安机关应当组织有关部门、村民委员会、居民委员会、所在单位、就读学校、家庭和监护人对其进行帮教。
Prisons, jails and community correction agencies shall strengthen the management, education, correction and other work on terrorist convicts and extremist convicts serving sentences. Prisons and jails may, based on the requirements for education, reform and maintaining the supervision and administration order, take into custody terrorist convicts and extremist convicts together with ordinary criminal convicts, or take them into custody separately. 监狱、看守所、社区矫正机构应当加强对服刑的恐怖活动罪犯和极端主义罪犯的管理、教育、矫正等工作。监狱、看守所对恐怖活动罪犯和极端主义罪犯,根据教育改造和维护监管秩序的需要,可以与普通刑事罪犯混合关押,也可以个别关押。
Article 30 Where a terrorist convict or extremist convict is sentenced to imprisonment or is given a severer penalty, the prison or jail shall, before the convict is released after serving his or her sentence, assess his or her social danger according to the crime nature, circumstances, and degree of social danger, the convict's performance during the period of serving sentence, and the impact on the community where the convict resides after his or her release, among others. Social danger shall be assessed after soliciting the opinions of the relevant grassroots organizations and the original case handling authority. If the convict has social danger upon assessment, the prison or jail shall offer a settlement and education proposal to the intermediate people's court at the place where the convict serves his or her sentence, and send a copy of the proposal to the people's procuratorate at the same level.   第三十条 对恐怖活动罪犯和极端主义罪犯被判处徒刑以上刑罚的,监狱、看守所应当在刑满释放前根据其犯罪性质、情节和社会危害程度,服刑期间的表现,释放后对所居住社区的影响等进行社会危险性评估。进行社会危险性评估,应当听取有关基层组织和原办案机关的意见。经评估具有社会危险性的,监狱、看守所应当向罪犯服刑地的中级人民法院提出安置教育建议,并将建议书副本抄送同级人民检察院。
...... 罪犯服刑地的中级人民法院对于确有社会危险性的,应当在罪犯刑满释放前作出责令其在刑满释放后接受安置教育的决定。决定书副本应当抄送同级人民检察院。被决定安置教育的人员对决定不服的,可以向上一级人民法院申请复议。

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