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Joint Statement of the 2nd Afghanistan-China-Pakistan Foreign Ministers' Dialogue [Effective]
第二次中国-阿富汗-巴基斯坦三方外长对话联合声明 [现行有效]

Joint Statement of the 2nd Afghanistan-China-Pakistan Foreign Ministers' Dialogue



Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi of the People's Republic of China, and Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan held the 2nd Afghanistan-China-Pakistan Foreign Ministers' Dialogue in Kabul, Afghanistan on 15th December 2018. 2018年12月15日,中华人民共和国国务委员兼外长王毅、阿富汗伊斯兰共和国外长拉巴尼、巴基斯坦伊斯兰共和国外长库雷希在阿富汗喀布尔举行第二次中阿巴三方外长对话。
China and Pakistan congratulated Afghanistan on the completion of the parliamentary elections and welcomed the efforts of the Afghan government for holding the presidential elections in 2019. 中国和巴基斯坦祝贺阿富汗成功举行议会选举,欢迎阿富汗政府为2019年举行总统大选所做努力。
The three sides, once again, reaffirmed their commitment to further strengthening their relations, deepening cooperation, and advancing connectivity under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA) and other regional economic initiatives. The three sides agreed to promote China-Afghanistan-Pakistan trilateral cooperation under the framework of jointly building the Belt and Road Initiative. The three sides reiterated their strong resolve to fight terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, and without any distinction. The three Foreign Ministers agreed to jointly continue their efforts for building political mutual trust and support reconciliation, development cooperation and connectivity, security cooperation and counter-terrorism as the three areas of the trilateral cooperation. 三方重申,致力于加强彼此关系,深化合作,在“一带一路”倡议和阿富汗区域经济合作会议等区域经济倡议下推进互联互通。三方同意,在共建“一带一路”框架下促进中阿巴三方合作。三方还重申了不加区别地打击一切形式恐怖主义的坚定决心。三位外长同意,将继续共同努力,在政治互信与和解、发展合作与联通、安全合作与反恐三大领域推进三方合作。
The three sides reiterated their support to the Afghan-owned, and Afghan led inclusive peace process that is fully supported regionally and internationally, as the most viable way to bring peace in Afghanistan. In this regard, China and Pakistan appreciated the efforts of H.E. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani especially for the comprehensive peace plans that came out of the second Kabul Process and the Geneva Conferences on Afghanistan, and therefore called on the Afghan Taliban to join the peace process at an early date. While efforts are underway to start the peace process, the three sides call upon the parties concerned to end violence and the loss of innocent lives in Afghanistan. 三方重申,支持“阿人主导,阿人所有”的包容性和平和解进程。该进程得到地区国家和国际社会的广泛支持,是阿实现和平的最可行路径。中国和巴基斯坦赞赏加尼总统为此所做努力,尤其是在第二次喀布尔进程会议和阿富汗问题日内瓦会议上提出的全面和平计划,呼吁阿富汗塔利班早日加入和平进程。三方呼吁各方在努力启动和平进程的同时停止暴力,避免无辜人员丧生。
The three sides agreed to continue economic development cooperation in areas of mutual interest. The three sides will continue to implement and expand the "soft" projects such as exchange and capacity building programs and explore "hard" projects of livelihood facilities and connectivity. China expressed its readiness to support Afghanistan and Pakistan in building immigration reception center and drinking water supply schemes at each side of the Ghulam Khan Khel crossing point, and to explore cold storages at Chaman and Spin Boldak. China supports enhanced coordination between Afghanistan and Pakistan on major energy and connectivity projects including the construction of Quetta-Kandahar railway and Kabul-Peshawar Motorway and Railway. The three sides reiterated their firm commitment to implement the activities and projects agreed to under practical cooperation. 三方同意,继续在共同关心的领域开展经济发展合作。三方将继续实施和扩大交流活动、能力建设等软性项目,同时探讨开展民生设施和互联互通等硬件项目。中方愿帮助阿、巴在两国古拉姆口岸两侧修建出入境接待中心、饮用水设施,探讨在查曼口岸两侧修建冷库。中国支持阿巴就包括奎达至坎大哈铁路、白沙瓦至喀布尔铁路等重要互联互通和能源项目加强沟通。三方重申致力于落实三方务实合作框架下商定的活动和项目。
The three sides expressed their strong determination not to allow any country, organization or individual to use their respective territories for terrorist activities against any other countries. The three sides took stock of trilateral cooperation in their fight against terrorism and underlined the need to further strengthen counter-terrorism coordination and cooperation in an effort to combat all terrorist groups and individuals without any discrimination. They also agreed to counter terrorist' logistical capabitlies including financing, recruitment, training, and strengthen trilateral cooperation for counter-terrorism capacity building, deny terrorist use of the internet and to take joint steps for deradicalization, as well as work together to break the nexus between narco-trade and terror financing. To advance their cooperation in the fields of Counter-Terrorism, the three sides signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Counter-Terrorism. 三方宣布,不允许任何国家、组织或个人利用本国领土从事针对其他国家的恐怖主义活动。三方回顾了三国反恐合作情况,同意加强反恐协调与合作,不加区别地打击一切恐怖组织和恐怖分子。三方还同意加强在打击恐怖分子融资招募和培训等后勤能力、反恐能力建设、网络反恐、去极端化、切断毒品贸易和恐怖融资间联系等领域的合作。为此,三方签署了《中阿巴三方合作打击恐怖主义谅解备忘录》。
The three sides agree to implement the consensus of the 2nd Foreign Ministers' Dialogue through the trilateral Vice Ministerial Strategic Dialogue, Vice-Ministerial Consultation on Counter-Terrorism and Security, and Director Generals' Practical Cooperation as well as other agreed mechanisms. 三方同意,通过三方副外长级战略对话、副外长级反恐安全磋商、司局级务实合作对话等机制,推进落实此次外长对话共识。
China and Pakistan thanked Afghanistan for the successful organization of the 2nd China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Foreign Ministers' Dialogue and its warm hospitality, and the three sides agreed that the 3rd Afghanistan-China-Pakistan Foreign Ministers' Dialogue would be held in Islamabad in 2019. 中国和巴基斯坦感谢阿方为成功举办第二次中阿巴三方外长对话所做努力,以及给予中、巴代表团的热情友好接待。三方同意于2019年在伊斯兰堡举行第三次中阿巴三方外长对话。

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