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 Community Correction Law of the People's Republic of China    (12-28-2019)    [Not Yet Effective]
 Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Investments by Taiwan Compatriots (2019 Amendment)    (12-28-2019)    [Effective]
 Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Authorizing the Supreme People's Court to Carry out the Pilot Program of the Reform of Separation of Cases into Simple Cases and Complicated Ones under Civil Procedure    (12-28-2019)    [Effective]
 Securities Law of the People's Republic of China (2019 Revision)    (12-28-2019)    [Not Yet Effective]
  Administrative Regulations (2329) More
 Urgent Notice by the General Office of the State Council of Effectively Organizing the Resumption of Operation and Production of Manufacturers and the Scheduling of Key Supplies for Epidemic Prevention and Control    (01-29-2020)    [Effective]
 Regulation on Ensuring Wage Payment to Migrant Workers    (12-30-2019)    [Not Yet Effective]
 Regulation for Implementing the Foreign Investment Law of the People's Republic of China    (12-26-2019)    [Effective]
 Opinions of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council on Promoting the System and Mechanism Reform for Social Mobility of Labor Force and Talented People    (12-25-2019)    [Effective]
  Departmental Rules (17909) More
 Announcement No. 24 [2020] of Open Market Operations    (02-11-2020)    [Effective]
 Announcement No. 23 [2020] of Open Market Operations    (02-10-2020)    [Effective]
 Notice by the General Office of the National Development and Reform Commission of Properly Handling Enterprise Bonds during the Epidemic Prevention and Control    (02-08-2020)    [Effective]
 Notice by the General Office of the National Development and Reform Commission of Actively Coping with the Epidemic and Innovatively Conducting Bidding Activities to Ensure Smooth Economic Operation    (02-08-2020)    [Effective]
  Judicial Interpretations (2057) More
 Notice by the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Ministry of Justice of Issuing the Opinions on Punishing Criminal and Illegal Activities that Hinder the Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia    (02-06-2020)    [Effective]
 Notice by the Enforcement Bureau of the Supreme People's Court of Matters concerning Effectively Conducting the Enforcement Work during the Period of Prevention and Control of the Outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia    (01-31-2020)    [Effective]
 Official Reply of the Supreme People's Court and Supreme People's Procuratorate on Whether a Probationer Should be Considered as a Recidivist if He Recommits a Crime within Five Years after the Expiration of Probation for Which a Fixed-term Imprisonment or a Heavier Penalty Should Be Given    (01-17-2020)    [Effective]
 Notice by the Supreme People's Court of Issuing the Measures for the Implementation of the Pilot Program of the Reform of Separation between Complicated Cases and Simple Ones in Civil Procedure    (01-15-2020)    [Effective]
  Local Regulations, Local Governmental Rules (4340) More
 Several Measures of the General Office of the Beijing Municipal People's Government for Responding to the Impact of the Epidemic of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia and Promoting the Sustained and Sound Development of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises    (02-05-2020)    [Effective]
 Opinions of the Higher People's Court of Beijing Municipality on Regulating Discretionary Power in Civil Cases and Unifying Judgment Criteria (For Trial Implementation)    (12-03-2019)    [Effective]
 Provisions of the Shanghai Financial Court on the Disposal of Stocks of Listed Companies in Enforcement Procedures (for Trial Implementation)    (11-21-2019)    [Effective]
 Notice by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance, the Beijing Municipal Tax Service of the State Taxation Administration and the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Other Departments of Issuing the Measures for Further Improving the Tax Payment Business Environment    (10-28-2019)    [Effective]
  Group Provisions, Industry Provisions, Military Regulations (1100) More
 Notice by China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. of Issuing the Business Guides to the “Full Circulation” of H-shares    (02-07-2020)    [Effective]
 Announcement of the China Foreign Exchange Trade System on Relevant Arrangements for the Implementation and Improvement of Foreign Exchange Risk Management for Overseas Institutional Investors in the Interbank Bond Market    (01-22-2020)    [Effective]
 Notice by the Shanghai Stock Exchange of Amending Article 3.1.5 of the Trading Rules of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (2020)    (01-07-2020)    [Effective]
 Notice by the Shanghai Stock Exchange of Issuing the Guidelines for the Information Disclosure for the Material Asset Restructuring of Listed Companies    (12-20-2019)    [Effective]
  Judicial Cases (3301) More
 Shanghai Branch of India Carana Bank v. Nanyang Dadi Cotton Industry Co., Ltd. (case of a procuratorial recommendation on dispute over letter of credit)    (03-06-2015)
 Laibeituo Co., Ltd. v. Trademark Review and Adjudication Board of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (retrial case of administrative dispute over the review of the rejection of application for trademark registration)    (03-21-2017)
 Guiding Case No. 8 of the Supreme People's Procuratorate: People v. Yang for neglecting duties, bending the law for personal gains and accepting bribes     (05-09-2009)
 Guiding Case No. 7 of the Supreme People's Procuratorate: People v. Hu and Zheng for practicing favoritism, making falsification and failing to transfer a criminal case     (09-14-2010)
 Guiding Case No. 6 of the Supreme People's Procuratorate: People v. Luo A, Luo B, Zhu, and Luo C for abuse of power     (04-18-2012)
 Guiding Case No. 5 of the Supreme People's Procuratorate: People v. Chen, Lin, and Li A for abuse of power     (03-02-2009)

  Legal News (25623) More
 Two Departments: Eligible Personnel Perishing During COVID-19 Prevention and Control Should Be Assessed as Martyrs Chinese
Pkulaw  02-22-2020
On February 16, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs and the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission jointly issued the Notice Regarding Properly Honoring Personnel Perishing During C...
 Two Departments Issue Notice to Severely, Heavily and Rapidly Crack Down on Random Price Increases in Prevention and Control Supplies Chinese
Pkulaw  02-22-2020
On February 13, the General Office of the State Administration for Market Regulation and the General Office of the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the Notice Regarding Strengthening the Lin...
 Nation confident of virus battle victory
China Daliy  02-21-2020
Xi thanks Pakistani, ROK leaders for support, donations in phone talksChina is capable of winning the battle against the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, which cannot undermine the foundat...
 FM proposes joint fight against virus
China Daliy  02-21-2020
Wang suggests China-ASEAN leaders' meetingChina proposed on Thursday a special China-ASEAN leaders' meeting on novel coronavirus pneumonia to be held at an appropriate time to plan and ...
 MoC: Foreign trade to drop due to virus  02-21-2020
China's foreign trade is expected to fall in the first two month of this year, affected by the impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic and the unscheduled factory shutdown after the Spring Festiv...
 Coronavirus not China's Chernobyl
China Daliy  02-21-2020
At a time when China is trying to contain the novel coronavirus epidemic, some Western media outlets have exposed their anti-China bias by claiming the situation is "China's Chernobyl".@...